Fire Damper Testing

Our engineers now carry City and Guilds accredited fire damper testing certification and we are pleased to now offer this service. The work will be undertaken to comply with BS9999 & DW145.


What Smoke Dampers Do

Fire dampers are key components in maintaining fire protection in buildings especially where ductworks may pass through more than one fire compartment.


  • Prevent a fire or excessive heat within a duct passing from one fire compartment to another
  • Where excessive heat is generated by a fire outside of the duct, prevent any conducted heat build up in the duct also passing between fire compartments.
  • Prevent smoke that can be drawn into ductwork from being transmitted to other parts of the building, especially in escape routes.

It is recommended that fire dampers are inspected, tested documented and recorded within the operations & maintenance manual of the building to which they are installed on an annual basis. Please click to view the example report that details the extent of service we offer, this of course can be tailored to the individual requirements of the client. Contact us on 01663 762411 for a costing

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